WoofyS Partys

Throwing a party and need casual catering? Woofys Partys is the answer for fun events managed simply and smoothly. We take the hassle out of catering with delicious menu items and awesome carts to suit any event.

We offer ONE food or beverage selection per cart. Want food and drinks? Choose several options for a multi cart event.

STEP 1: Select your food / drink cart
STEP 2: Select your Cart style
STEP 3: Select your umbrella
STEP 4: Book your cart

STEP 1: select your food / drink cart

B&E Roll Cart

Museli Cart

Smoothie Bowl Cart

Coffee Cart

Waffle Cart

Donut Cart

Coffee Cart

Smoothie Cart

Juice Cart

Coco Cart

Shake Cart

Cocktail Cart

Fries Cart

Burger Cart

Hot Dog Cart

Taco Cart

Nacho Cart

Pizza Cart

Slider Cart

Fish N Chip Cart

Poke Bowl Cart

Taco Cart

Donut Cart

Gelato Cart

Froyo Cart

Floss Cart

Popcorn Cart

Soft Serve Cart

STEP 2: select your Cart style

Woofys Cart

Black Cart

White Cart

STEP 3: select your umbrella

Yellow & White

Black & White

Blue & White






How many staff will be at my event?

There will one staff member per cart.

How big is the cart?

The cart is 90cm wide X 120cm long.

What space is required?

We require a car space per cart.

What power requirements are there?

We need two standard 10amp power points per cart. No power boards. No double adapters.

How long is service?

Two hours.

How long to set up?

We take approximately half an hour to set up for events.

What if I have 25 guests? 35 guests? 50 guests?

We’ve designed our packages to offer 1.5 serves of food per person. This is to cover extra guests or mouths that are hungrier.

Drinks packages offer 1 serve per person. Please purchase the next tier package in order to cater for more or thirstier guests.

Can I choose more than one menu item per cart?

Unfortunately not. The model is designed for one food item per cart.

Can I choose multiple carts?

Yes you can! You can choose one cart per menu item. If you have three menu items then you will be provided three carts.

My event is outdoors, how can I power this?

We can provide a generator at a cost to the client.

What if it rains?

We bring 2x2 metre market umbrellas on days that may potentially rain.